Enjoy Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis by Boat

In small groups, only with your family and friends.

You are going to travel to Mallorca… How Exciting!

Of course, you want to enjoy the famous Boat Trip to Sa Calobra.

Everyone says it is a wonderful experience along the amazing north coast of Mallorca.

It is true. Absolutely…

The traditional boat trip to Sa Calobra, usually takes place in passenger ships, with more than 100 people on board.

It is a fantastic experience, and great to share it with more people.

But… how about the idea of enjoying this wonderful experience only accompanied by your family and friends?

On your
own boat.

Well, not really yours, but commanded by you.

Or maybe commanded by an expert skipper, at your service, willing to show you the best secrets of Mallorca.

Can you imagine enjoying this boat trip your way?

Full speed, have a break, relax, take a bath, dive in crystal clear waters, savor the mallorcan cuisine on board… what else, George?

Or maybe you feel like sailing at sunset, with the only sound of wind in the sails, enjoying a glass of wine.

This day at sea could be the best of your holiday in Mallorca.

A memory that will accompany you all your life.

Sounds good, yeah? Then keep reading!

Choose your Style

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The Best Experience Ever

So... why does everyone want to visit Sa Calobra?

The north coast of Mallorca is a place of great beauty. Here, the huge mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, give rise to a coast where massive cliffs predominate.

There are very few points on the entire north coast of Mallorca where it is possible to establish a port.

Wherever possible, there is only space for small ports, such as the Port de Valldemossa or the well known Port de Sóller (which is one of the largest on the entire north coast, but still very small compared to, for example, the port of Palma).

Port de Sóller, Mallorca island north coast Serra de Tramuntana
The beautiful Port de Sóller, in the north coast of Mallorca.

Well, Sa Calobra was one of these small ports that, for more than two hundred years, allowed the possibility of having a small jetty with fishing boats.

That is why a small village formed here. It was a village with a very complicated access by land, due to the mountainousness of this area (today it is still one of the most spectacular roads in Mallorca, with many curves).

Sa Calobra, in itself, is a place that has maintained the appearance of the most authentic Mallorca, with fishermen’s houses in a small cove surrounded by large cliffs.

But it is also that, next to Sa Calobra, we find one of the most impressive natural wonders of Mallorca: The Torrent de Pareis.

The Torrent de Pareis is an abrupt and impressive canyon, very narrow and steep, born at the foot of the Puig Major (1.445 m), the highest mountain in Mallorca, and which flows into the sea, giving rise to a small beach, next to the port of Sa Calobra.

Well, from the port of Sa Calobra we can walk, along a small and beautiful promenade, to the interior of the Torrent de Pareis, which is accessed through a tunnel carved into the rock.

When you cross the tunnel, the show that opens before your eyes is very impressive

Sa Calobra Torrent de Pareis Mallorca by boat
Mouth of the Torrent de Pareis, with the small beach in the background, flanked by cliffs.

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